Upping teh crazee

So the text of President Obama’s speech to the schoolkids of America has been posted here.

Now don’t you feel silly for being all worried?

Of course not.  The response from the various sources of right wing paranoia are “let’s see the real speech he planned to give before we started screaming !”

Which of course ranks right up there with the long form birth certificate.

Here’s the whole problem in a nutshell.

The current variety of wingnut believes in their heart that Obama is a secret muslim, socialist, marxist, (insert long list of pejoratives here) and will continue to believe it despite any evidence to the contrary.  This is because to them belief is more important than facts or empirical evidence.  They have whole segments of the media that are making money hand over fist to tell them that what they believe is, in fact, true and rational.  They will look for any evidence or ask any question that prevents themselves from having to face up to the fact that their heartfelt beliefs are guanomanic.

This is in direct contrast to the rational portion of the population that come to positions after reviewing the evidence at hand, realizing that at some point they may have to change their minds if the situation merits.

By the way, there are lefties that make this same mistake.  (9/11 truthers, are a prime example)

Keep it simple stupid…no need to peel away layers of the onion looking for deeper truth, or as Sigmund Freud once said “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”


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