Magical Thinking

I was thinking back to my old RPG playing days (yes I was a Dungeons and Dragons player) and remembered a book I had read about how magic is understood to work in human cultures.  “Authentic Thaumaturgy” by Isaac Bonewits is out of print as far as I know, but if you’re interested in more info, you can find a synopsis here .

What struck me was the similarity of a couple of these rules to how political arguments are presented by some of the current players on the political stage:

1) The Law of Synchronicity
Few events happen in isolation.  However it must be stated that coincidence does not always imply causality.  Just because you changed your oil and your brakes went out the next day, doesn’t mean that changing your oil made your brakes go out.

Political Corrolary:  Just because you yelled and screamed for a week before someone gave a speech doesn’t mean they changed the speech to address your screaming.

2) The law of Contagion

Once together, always together.  Once you’ve shaken hands or had contact with someone you will always have some kind of contact with them.

Political Corrolary: If you have had contact with anyone, no matter how peripheral, you automatically agree with everything they believe and will act accordingly.

3) The Law of Naming

If you can name something, it cannot act in any other way.

Political Corrolary: If you can label your opponent or your allies early and often enough, the name becomes the perception, or at least they’ll be so busy correcting the misperception that nothing gets done.


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