I got side tracked, as usual, and haven’t checked back here in a while…realized I’ve left it somewhat I’m gonna try again..

I want to start by placing some of the blame squarely on LGF or Little Green Footballs, which is in my opinion one of the best political blogs out there.   There the left and right actually engage each other rather than calling each other names.  Yes, there is the occasional troll, or obvious wingnut or moonbat,  but Charles does a great job of weeding those out fairly fast.

There is a modicum of name calling but the same people who are calling each other nasty names in one thread can be riffing off each other in the next.

I will admit I wasn’t always an LGF fan, but the last few times I logged in last year, I saw a definite turn from frothing at the mouth to reasoned discussion.

I spend a lot of time at Balloon Juice, and Crooks and Liars, though Crooks and Liars is starting to resemble Kos, which I don’t bother with for the same reasons I don’t bother with Hot Air and Red State.  My internet keyboard has LGF, Facebook, and Balloon-Juice hot keyed in that order, with Talking points memo and NPR following.

I’d really like to find a right leaning publication that wasn’t rabid, but no such luck yet, they are all either suffering from ODS or likely to skew so far right as to almost be parallel to the ground.


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