Juan Williams shoots off his big mouth

Juan Williams got himself shitcanned at NPR for saying he fears flying with Muslims.

Now the right wing is all aghast at NPR infringing on his freedom of speech.

I call bullshit.

Look, Juan didn’t lose his right to say what he said, he lost his priveledge of using NPR’s equipment and network to say it on.

NPR was well within their rights to terminate Williams’ employment without giving any reason whatsoever. In fact what they should have done is simply insisted that he make a choice between Fox and NPR and let it be his choice. I suspect he would have chosen Fox (especially now that they gave him a $2 million payoff)


One Response to Juan Williams shoots off his big mouth

  1. riggbeck says:

    He’s probably more comfortable now, being able to express his prejudices freely. And the money didn’t hurt. What if he’d said he feared flying with Jews or blacks?


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