It’s over, but it ain’t

I got an email from a wingnut friend (I don’t have that many) the other day consisting of the subject line “No, you can’t” That’s as much gloating as I’ve seen after the GOP retook the House.

In the meantime, even in victory, the hard core conservatives continue to be the whiners they’ve always been.

The liberal media is picking on us because it won’t stick to our preferred narrative!

We’re being persecuted because we can’t impose Dominionist values on the rest of the country!

The nasty liberals don’t like us!

Nobody says anything nice about us!

How about you quit complaining about the problems and start working toward some solutions, for a change?


One Response to It’s over, but it ain’t

  1. riggbeck says:

    Conservative wingnuts like the illusion of victimhood. Thinking the rest of the world is against them reinforces their core belief that they’re an endangered but righteous minority.

    This is why they won’t acknowledge the power of the corporatocracy to skew the democratic process in its favour. Owning up to their real power would make them responsible agents, answerable for the damage they cause.

    The goal is power without responsibility, moral, ethical or criminal. The “free” market provides the perfect mechanism for passing the buck.

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