I’ve always been more of an anti idiotarian than a liberal. I despise hypocrisy and unthinking platitudes when they take the place of thoughtful, thorough discussion, on either side.

What disturbs me right now is that hypocrisy and unthinking platitudes have pretty much taken over one party and the other is trying hard to catch up.k

But that probably is a side effect of the embrace of the religious right by the GOP in the 80s. I have nothing against religious people as long as they keep it to themselves unless I ask. To me, religious affiliation is a lot like sexual orientation, I don’t really care to know, unless I want to get involved.

I don’t want to know that you are a born again Christian any more than I want to know that your significant other is the same gender or even the same species. I just don’t fucking care.

That being said, I have a definite prejudice against people who will use belief as a buffer or shield against reality. Let me give you an example. Our local historical society holds a “ghost tour” of a set of historical buildings (most of which were moved to the site). The local ghost hunters of course show up and proceed to spin all sorts of convoluted tales about spirits etc. I being a hard core skeptic and general asshole proceeded to debunk most of what they were describing mostly by asking questions about the things being shifted around couldn’t have been squirrels or raccoons, etc.

That did not make me a popular person, let me tell you. I was labeled Mr. Negative for the rest of the tour because I wasn’t a “believer”. I’m not unwilling to believe, but I want more evidence.

The same goes for what passes for the conservative movement these days. I’d like to believe they actually had some good plans for reducing the defecit without bringing the whole house of cards down but I don’t see any evidence. Now that they’ve got the opportunity to start presenting their case in actual practice, I hope they succeed.


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