We’ll do better next time

I am diabetic, through every fault of my own. Sure I knew I needed to start losing some weight and get some exercise, but I kept putting it off thinking that I could wait until it got bad and then take it seriously. Guess what, I’m really struggling with taking it seriously now.

Yeah, I know the risks of losing various appendages, heart disease, kidney failure and everything else, but for the most part I still feel fine, so it’s hard for me to make the lifestyle changes I need to in order to get healthy.

Global Warming is a lot like that. It’s easy to blow it off, because so far, we feel fine. But the time we have to reverse the damage we’ve already done is getting smaller and smaller every day. It’s not a very long way to go from a lot of weird weather to pretty soon we can’t live on this planet anymore.

The people who want to tell you that it’s all a myth are a lot like me. They know they should make the changes but they don’t want to face up to the challenges and sacrifices required, so they’ll continue to be in denial until the end.


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