GOPers Tell Schumer They’ll Buck The Tea Party If Obama Wins | TPMDC

GOPers Tell Schumer They’ll Buck The Tea Party If Obama Wins | TPMDC.


Mainstream Republicans have confided in Sen. Chuck Schumer that they intend to regain control of the GOP from the tea party wing if Mitt Romney loses the election, the New York Democrat told reporters Thursday.
There are various types of fantasies and dreams.  Some are pleasant day dreams that let you imagine what could be.  The most dangerous are the kind that allow you to put off doing what you need to because you believe it isn’t necessary.  Kind of like thinking that you don’t need to work because you just know you’re going to win the lottery.  The problem is that Democrats tend to indulge themselves in this kind of fantasizing more often than not.
Fact is that the Republicans are not any more likely now to cooperate than they’ve been in the past, Tea Party or no Tea Party.  Cooperation is not a word in the GOP vocabulary and isn’t likely to be after the election.  In fact, having lost twice to President Obama they are just as likely to double down on the exact same disfunctional behaviors they’ve exhibited for the last four years.
Frankly the GOP needs to be beaten black and blue at the ballot box, and left bruised and aching to reconsider its life choices.


Without a reasonable, solutions oriented GOP in place, we will continue the current path toward gridlock and dysfunction.


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